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As for the rest of us, we don’t have to play along

December 5, 2011

LeBron basketball shoes Wrapping up an outstanding season, Mbah a Moute decided to forfeit his senior year and join his college teammates, Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook, in the 2008 NBA Draft. Selected by the Milwaukee Bucks, he has donned green and red ever since. “The film is more a call to action to action than anything…to wake people up and let them know about the negative things happening to our kids when we are not paying attention to them,” he said. “The film is a template and mechanism for conversation and action.” “Amateurs rely on talent,” said McCormick. “Pros work hard and take advantage of their opportunities.” And from the looks of it, this Top 100 Camp has a whole lot of pros in the making. “This team came together and won when it counted…they got better as the year went on, and it kind of came out of nowhere,” said the seven-time NBA All-Star and Olympic Gold Medallist. “For all of us Duke alumni, we were very excited, yet a little surprised. And I’ll tell you, I’m just as proud of these guys as I was – and still am – for us. There’s a connection there.” Today, Mbah a Moute, in his third NBA season, is often regarded as one of the league’s most underrated and versatile players. He’s quick enough to defend shooting guards, but also has the size, strength and agility to go up against power forwards. With one project under his belt and another on deck, Davis says he is working with director Paul Hunter on a basketball film about AAU basketball set in a high school in Los Angeles. “The national team…this is big, a dream come true,” he said. There’s no doubt – this is one king whose reign has just begun Looking back on his own 2001 Duke Championship, Battier says he recognizes himself in junior Kyle Singler, a tremendous compliment for the up-and-coming forward. “It’s the will, the mindset of not letting a guy get past you,” he says. “But I also do my homework. Before every game, I watch film, read the game notes, understand the players’ tendencies, see how our upcoming opponent has been playing…you have to do your homework and prepare. Then it comes down to how I can stop them.” Nike Zoom Lebron vi Men's Basketball Shoe Black Blue White

Nike Zoom Lebron vi Men’s Basketball Shoe Black Blue White


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